Retail Sales Solution

Unicorn sales group bring customers to you by their no.1 strategies and tactics. We are No.1 retail sales marketing company in canada. If you want any company for your retail sales solution then we are the best. Choose unicorn sales group for retail marketing, you will never regret.

Our team who expert in retail marketing focus on four component such as Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, And try to increase your sales. We focus on in-store retail marketing, where we organize varieties of events to engage our valuable customer.

In-store merchandising:

In in-store merchandising, to attract our customer we arrange product in a mannered way and gives various offer on products. To grab customer attention this method is very helpful.

In-store Event:

In-store events is very helpful to bring traffic to your store. By this event you can connect people and make good relationship with your customer. And by this you can introduce your brand among the people.

Curbside Display:

By this method, we focus on foot traffic. Letting them know that our store is open and which type of service we serve, And also introduce about our special offer.

Window displays:

Window display are best way to attract our customer. If any customer pass from our retail store, and there will be chances that customer like our product. If he/she like our product then he/she will definitely visit our store. So, to increase more visitor select the best product to showcase.

Referral Program:

Referral programs are an incredibly effective retail marketing strategy. Provide high discount to your customer when they refer their friends and family. This plan definitely helps you to increase your sale and customer will also happy with your offer.